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"We just bought a new house and had the biggest solar package they have installed. Sequoia Window Cleaning was referred to us for solar panel cleaning. We have a standing appointment every month due to construction around us, with a 3 month appointment to wash exterior windows. What a difference this service makes. Our living room windows are bright and clear, it makes the whole house look great. And the solar works at optimum levels because they are nice and clean."
Retta N. from Visalia, Client since 2015, referred.


"Wasted a Saturday and about $120 after renting a pressure washer to try and clean up the house and patio myself. He got it done in about 5 hours and everything came out perfect. Windows are shining and our house looks fantastic"

Jason R. -Tulare, Client since 2015, Online search.

"After hearing from two friends about your work, I had to try it out myself. What a difference! I knew I had seriously clear windows when my oblivious teenager mentioned how good they looked. Our whole house looks clean now!"
Cheryl T. from Visalia, Client since 2015, referred by friends.
"I like knowing my windows are going to look great after every visit. Even though it is only a few times a year, it makes a difference and I love that. I just leave a spare key hidden, he does the job and locks up and I have perfect windows. My neighbors have come over after seeing him leave to see his work, and now he is their window guy too. Overall very satisfied with the work."
Allison L. -Three Rivers, Client since 2014, referred by friend.
"It's great that I can still hire someone that takes pride in their company and reputation. I don't feel the need to supervise during the entire appointment. Respectful of property and does a nice job, someone you actually want to do business with!"
Nancy H. -Visalia, Client since 2015, referred by friend.
"Definitely look at all of your options before making a final decision. We saved quite a lot of money by having the windows restored instead of replaced. Great results and a smooth process from the first phone call."
Joseph P. -Tulare, Client since 2014, Online search.
"A great job on making our windows finally look good. I figured the water stain at least would look better, but they look way better than I thought they would."
Sam V. -Visalia, Client since 2013, Online search.
"Very happy with the work you did for us. Clean and professional, will call again."
David T. -Visalia, Client since 2013, Online search.


"Kyle is very professional and did an excellent job. Our windows look incredible and our backyard looks awesome. He takes pride in his company and job. We will refer him to family and friends and we will call him again!"

D.S. -Visalia, Client since 2015, Referred by friend.